5 Benefits Putting a Little Kickboxing Into Boot Camp Workouts

I have a very special Blog post today for you from my good friend and almost
“identical height twin” Daniel Woodrum. Take it away Dani…


Are you looking for some new high energy, entertaining workouts like Brian’s Boot Camp Games to use in your sessions?

Are you looking for a bodyweight program that can rock your clients and fill the room with smiles and high fives?

Are you looking for something fun and unique, and workouts that will accelerate your client’s fat loss and bust through plateaus?

If you shook your head yes, I’ve got the perfect solution that will solve these problems.

Have you ever tried using some kickboxing workouts or exercises in your boot camp? No, I’m not talking about your aerobic kickboxing class you often times see. I’m talking about a kickboxing workout that combines advanced bodyweight exercises, kickboxing moves, and unique density style training methods that will challenge you both mentally and physically. I’m talking about the ULTIMATE kickboxing workout program that can be done anywhere, without any equipment. But don’t be fooled, this is a workout that will push your clients past their limits and challenge them beyond belief.

Check out these Top 4 Kickboxing Exercises you can use RIGHT NOW in your boot camp sessions:

What are the benefits of a using some kickboxing techniques/workouts in your boot camp program?

  • Confidence Booster – Kickboxing helps them release endorphins which will give your mood a boost and help them feel more confident. Endorphins allow them to feel happier and more positive for hours after their workout. That means more high fives and smiles icon smile 5 Benefits Putting a Little Kickboxing Into Boot Camp Workouts
  • Calorie Burning Machine – Fitness magazines report that fitness kickboxing workouts can burn up to 800 calories per hour. While these are controversial numbers the underlying fact is that these exercises and workouts burn calories like a wild fire!
  • Better Posture – There’s a strong chance you have clients hunched over the computer all day. Kickboxing workouts will challenge many muscle groups that don’t get enough attention throughout the day, and they will start to build up their core muscles at an accelerated speed. Core muscles in and around their abdominal wall are targeted with kickboxing routines because you need to use your waist and abs for balance.
  • Full Body Workout – Kickboxing workouts will work their entire body head to toe.
  • Improved Core Strength – Kickboxing workouts will improve client core strength. I can’t tell you how many of my clients have come to me with back problems. Once we strengthened their core through the kickboxing exercises, their back problems disappeared. There truly is no better method to work their entire body each and every workout. There will never be a muscle untrained!

If your clients like high energy, bodyweight based, sweat dripping down your face type of workouts, Kickboxing style workouts and exercises are a MUST for them! Check out my latest program to get your hands on 4 PHASES of NEW exercises and workouts that you can use inside your boot camp sessions: CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR DETAILS!

Dani Woodrum Kickboxing Banner 5 Benefits Putting a Little Kickboxing Into Boot Camp Workouts

-Daniel Woodrum, CTT


Hey it’s Brian again. I just want to be straight with you and tell you that a huge part of my success on the fitness end of things is because of kickboxing techniques I highbred with my other training techniques. I actually started building a fitness client following by teaching kickboxing and then I moved them into boot camp.

I got a lot of clients complaining about how they missed a lot of things from the kickboxing days, so I decided to start incorporating some of the “old kickboxing” techniques into the sessions again. Not only did it solve the complaining but it gave the new members a burst of new excitement.

You should really check out Dani’s kickboxing program to use with your clients. Even if you just get 10 new exercise variations to use with your clients it totally paid for itself.

Keep Rocking It!


About the Author

Dani woodrum Pic 5 Benefits Putting a Little Kickboxing Into Boot Camp WorkoutsDaniel Woodrum is a fat loss expert and CTT, Certified Turbulence Trainer. He owns two kickboxing gyms in Charleston, South Carolina and works with hundreds of clients each week. Daniel has worked with thousands of clients, helping them transform their lives by improving their nutrition, mindset, and overall physique using his strategic kickboxing techniques.

Daniel’s youth, enthusiasm, and love for fitness has helped him connect and build trust with his clients, leading to him being the leading fat loss expert in his area.

On a mission to help transform thousands of lives across the world, Daniel has put his entire kickboxing system in an easy to follow program called Home Kickboxing Revolution. This program is the ultimate bodyweight kickboxing program that is perfect for all levels. It has a unique set-up that emulates that of an actual fight (rounds). This unique style of training is the exact style he uses in his six figure training facility in South Carolina.


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