5 Ways to Work Less and Make More

It seems like we all get into fitness for one reason…

We want to do something we enjoy and live a life of freedom. Read any blog or website that talks about personal training and group training and they all make that claim.

“Do something you love and make a successful living”

“Help people get in shape and make a ton of money doing it”

“Some other generic saying like the last one..”

So you took the plunge just like I did. You left your “real job” and pursued a successful career in fitness training. In the beginning it is so exciting. You get your first handful of clients and cash your first paychecks as a self employed trainer.

Everything feels new and free.

Then, one day you decide that you want to grow your client base even more to make bigger profits and to help more people change their lives.

This is where things start to get complicated…

Now you are working double the hours, trying to market more, collecting money, training clients and losing sleep at night over whether or not this was such a great idea choosing this field of work.

You went from feeling like you had the best job ever to feeling like you are a slave to a lifestyle that is very far from being free.

The little spare time you have is spent finding more ways to grow your business and keep your clients happy. Paychecks seem to be getting smaller and your free lifestyle is feeling more like a fantasy then anything.

I was there… Let me tell you how I got out of that rut and got into that fantasy lifestyle of freedom.


Yep. You read it right. The moment I stopped working so much and started asking others for help was when I saw my profits start to rise and my free time magically started to manifest itself.

Here are the 5 Steps I took with my fitness business to finally give me the “Free” lifestyle I was always promised. These steps took a little time to achieve, but when I finally had everything lined up I felt like one of those trainers on all of the propaganda websites.

5 Ways to Work Less and Make More

1. Systemize  Training Regimen

Easiest way to stop training clients so much is to write down the way YOU train your clients and the little things that make YOU so much better then all of the other trainers in town.

I did this by making a dry erase board with a training template on it that I structured my boot camp sessions around. Then, I made lists of exercises that I used for each part of the session.

This meant that anyone who was a personal trainer could train my sessions the exact way I did. Now, I know that may be a little scary turning over the “power” to someone else, but eventually if you dont do it you will never be truly free.

2. Train a staff

Im not going to go in depth with what I mean by this (because you know what I am talking about), but what I will do is tell you the order of staff members I hired.

My recommendation is to first hire an assistant. They can take care of phone calls, emails, customer relationships and marketing.

Next, get a trainer. Just make sure you have the step above this one complete so they have a road map. You are going to have to phase them in, don’t just throw them in, but it will work when you find the right person.

Then, hire an administrative assistant. They can bill clients and deal with cancellations and other billing issues. This is literally your best friend because they take the financial stress off your shoulders.

Finally, get an amazing manager(s). They will be the mini version of you. They will close, market and build relationships with your members.

Once you have everyone in place you will feel the free time punching you in the face icon wink 5 Ways to Work Less and Make More

3. Bin Systems

Watch the video above for this description, but in a nut shell: you want something in place to track new leads that walk in and make sure they make it all of the way through your sales funnel.

This is important so people dont fall through the crack in your facility.

4. Automated Systems for Marketing

Use software like Fitpro Newsletter, aweber or icontact to automate your online marketing efforts through list builders and email blasts. We get a handful of leads everyday from this medium.

Also make systems for your offline marketing that can be checked for efficiency weekly.

The more “autopilot” your marketing systems are the more people will magically discover your boot camp.

5. Done for you products (plug and play)

This one is probably what changed my fitness career the most.

I invested in a handful of “Done-for-You” info products that helped automate my boot camp business. The best part is that they plug and play into your current systems so it isnt a pain to incorporate.

This saved me hours of time trying to figure things out.

Find someone who has a product that fits a hole in your fitness systems and INVEST!

For the 20-40 bucks it costs you, it will save you HOURS of your precious time and you will have a bullet proof program to incorporate because someone else has done the work for you.

I learned so many great things to incorporate into my company based on these programsI invested in.

They made my life easier and made my business fun again.

This is why I decided to make TT Boot Camp Games. It is literally 31 Done For You Boot Camp Games that will plug and play at the end of ANY Boot Camp Session and will inject loads of positive energy into your clients.

Right now I am running a sale on my TT Boot Camp Games so make sure to click the image below to take advantage of it.

BK TTBCG Group 4 5 Ways to Work Less and Make More

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