Sometimes Things Get Complicated…

Yeah we're what...

It’s Complicated…well sort of…

I have this weird relationship with someone.

Not LIKE THAT type of relationship!

More along the lines of we look like we could actually be related but we are not.

We both enjoy fitness, have 6-pack abs, run successful boot camps AND we both look good in Bikinis…

You’re welcome for that visual by the way icon wink Sometimes Things Get Complicated...

I am of course talking about my “fitness mom” Shawna Kaminski.

People always ask me why I call her my fitness mom. Well, here is the real scoop. I call her that because, just like my biological mom, when she speaks you listen.

Shawna has the experience and knowledge AND has the client base and physique to prove it. I could not speak highly enough about this woman. She is a true inspiration to her “fitness son” and a business boot camp icon.

She has been in the industry for many years and has helped thousands of her clients transform their bodies and get INSANE results. Not too mention, almost made me, Craig Ballantyne and Mike Whitfield about throw up during her workouts.

So when, someone like this comes up with a new training concept you can’t help but be interested and take lots of notes.

Shawna’s newest training method that she is using with her clients is a classic system that has almost been forgotten about, especially in the boot camp world.

I am talking about “complexes”.

Shawna has taken the traditional complex workout training method and turned it upside down.

On top of that, these she made over half of these complexes dumbbell friendly so that you could incorporate them into your boot camp sessions.

Here is a sample workout you can use RIGHT NOW in your boot camp sessions:

This workout is sure to make your campers or clients hurt in places they haven’t felt in a long time.

This is all because of a new training secret she has cleverly named as the “Muscle Metabolism Accelerator”. All fancy names aside, this concept makes HIT training look like a little baby.

Don’t believe me?

Grab this free report right now and see what I mean…

ch complex report graphic 237x300 Sometimes Things Get Complicated...

Right Click the Image and “save as” to your desktop or device to view it

Make sure you give the report a quick read through and definitely use the workout with your clients today. I guarantee they will “love” you for it icon wink Sometimes Things Get Complicated...

Keep Rocking It!


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  1. Shawna K
    5 years ago

    Brian, thanks for the kind words and sharing my workout with your readers. I feel I did a good job as a fitness mama to have such a dedicated fitness son ;)

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