New Bootcamp Exercise You NEED to Do

Im sure you are always looking for new exercises to do with your boot campers.

The thing is…it’s tuff to find new ideas when there is just so much “junk” out there in terms of exercises.

Well, look no further, I have a NEW boot camp exercise that you NEED to do with your clients…

AND it will help them tone up one of the most requested “trouble spots” that 90% of your clients are trying to work on.

New Backside Toning Exercise for Bootcamp

Probably one of the number one things that clients want the most besides abs, is a better looking butt and leg region.

Considering our usual demographic for boot camp sessions are females 35-55 years of age, you know that the statement above usually holds water.

So what is a great new bootcamp exercise idea that you can implement with your boot campers right now to achieve this desired outcome AND make you look like a creative genius?

Check out this video to find out…

Use this exercise and pair it up with one of my leg targeted Fitness Games at the end of the workout and watch your clients walk around like they have “cinderblock legs” the next couple of days.

That means toned butts and legs for your clients = Happy Campers icon smile New Bootcamp Exercise You NEED to Do

I recommend using this with your intermediate to advanced clients. Sometimes beginners that don’t have very good balance may struggle with this one due to the single leg element.

If you are looking for more great exercises to use in your boot camps EXACTLY like this one…

You really need to check out my good friend Kate Vidulich’s new Fat Loss Accelerators Program.

She is a boot camp owner in New York City who has clients busting out of the roof in her sold out program. She uses creative exercises just like this one, to spice up the training regimen and keep her clients on their toes.

Plus, let me tell you something…

I got to film a handful of these workouts with her at my gym in Lapeer and besides getting called a “fairy”, she rocked my world with more than 12 new exercises I had never seen before <= very hard to do/you’ll have to watch the videos to see why she called me a “fairy” . LOL.

Fitness Games Fat Loss Accelerators 300x166 New Bootcamp Exercise You NEED to Do

Make sure to CLICK the image above to check out her boot camper approved workouts.

PLUS, she is including 14 done-for you boot camp workouts that are literally “plug and play” and will work without using ANY equipment!

I hope this helps you break out of the boot camp boredom exercises and fires up your training sessions again!

Keep Rocking It!


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  1. Bronek
    4 years ago


    Smart way of engaging entire leg and frying gluts.
    + could be entertaining to watch the group balance and stay on one foot.
    Thank you for sharing!

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