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Boot Camp Training Resource Page Bootcamp IdeasYou’ll agree with me when I say:


And either people waste time and money with the wrong trainers and get no results or they get lucky and happen to stumble upon YOU.

What can you do to show people that you are the best trainer?

Here is the first tip: Add Variety to Your Training Routines

“Yeah Brian, I know I need to add new stuff constantly to my training formats, but I am too busy trying to keep my clients happy and run my business…”

Not to worry because, I am going to give you…

Boot Camp Training Ideas

This is a resource page that has every cool and outside of the box training method I have used in my boot camp. No more guessing what will work and what won’t…

Use these ideas to spice up your current boot camp training regimen and prove to your clients that you are the most cutting edge and up-to-date trainer in town.

Enjoy this list of bootcamp ideas:

Complex Workout Bootcamp Idea

Boot Camp Kickboxing Workout Ideas

Lego Training Format

One by One Boot Camp Finisher Workout

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