Two Finishers and a Karate Kid Pic

Last week a very special someone paid a visit to my gym in Michigan. I am referring of course to my partner in pancakes Mikey Whitfield.

He was filming the follow along version of his Workout Finishers 2.0 that is due to release in June of this year.

Mike and I pretty much spent two days thinking of different combinations of pancakes we could eat along with finding random exercise methods to kill some time…JUST KIDDING!

He totally kicked my butt with his finishers. The craziest finisher that really caught me by surprise was a Finisher that is literally made up of 1 rep of exercises. I know this sounds like a weird and borderline illegal way to end a workout but you have to check it out!

Here is the video of Mike teaching you his one rep finisher. This is the same finisher I ended my boot camp session with the other night and it KILLED my boot campers. They totally loved it ☺


I have been incorporating Finishers at the end of my boot camp sessions before we play games for about 12 months now and my members absolutely LOVE them.

If you are looking for the NEWEST Finishers to use with your boot campers make sure to check out Mike Whitfield’s Newest installment to his workout finishers library…

MW WF2.0 9SpiralGroup2 1 Two Finishers and a Karate Kid Pic

(Click the Image Above to Check out the Program)

With the 2.0 Program you will be getting over 51 new Workout Finishers to use with your clients. These will replace boring cardio and accelerate your clients results in literally just minutes at the end of a session.

I cannot recommend these highly enough for any trainer!

Well, I hope the 1 rep Finisher reeks havoc in your boot camp like it did mine the other week.

Remember to check out Mike’s Workout Finishers 2.0 today before the sale ends.

51 BRAND NEW Done-For-You Workout Finishers ON SALE NOW

Before I let you go, make sure you check out this pic of another finisher that Mikey personally wrote up for by boot camp session last week. He even signed the workout “Love, Mike <3”. This one crushed the members and they loved every minute of it.

Boot Camp Game Finisher 1024x768 Two Finishers and a Karate Kid Pic

There you go…

Two Finishers and One Karate Kid Pic…

Boom Goes the Pancake Finisher Dynamite ☺

Keep Rockin!!!



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