Best Facebook Retention Weapon

One of the #1 problems we face as Fitness Professionals is getting new clients.

Unfortunately, what a lot of us neglect is what happens when we get those new clients?

Do we let them walk in the front door and out the back?

If you do, all of your effort is meaningless and your money earned is $0.

Not a good situation to say the least.

What if there was a way to retain your clients WITHOUT having to spend any money or time on keeping members happy?

Sounds impossible Right? Sit tight and get ready to take notes…

How to Retain Clients WITHOUT Spending Money or Losing Time

In order to achieve this crazy state of “retention zen” we will be utilizing something that everyone literally uses every day and can’t seem to get enough of. I am of course talking about Facebook.

Everyone is constantly checking and updating their Facebook daily if not hourly. Because of this, Facebook is the best medium to keep your clients plugged into your business even when they are not actually there training.

You can post to your Facebook Business Fan Page all day. You will probably get a handful of likes, comments and even some shares. This is great for people who might be interested in your business and even your current members, but the thing is this…

You and I both know that the stuff you post on your Facebook wall isn’t necessarily the top notch stuff you would personally give to a paying client.

In other words, if someone was paying you over $100 a month to give them workouts, recipes and training tips, would you post those things on your Facebook page for everyone to use, including the people who aren’t paying you?

The answer is probably no.

You need a way to separate your “possible member” content on your Facebook Fan Page from the “top notch” content that you should be giving your paying members every day. This does two things:

1. Makes the members feel more “special” than the other “average” Facebook Fans.

2. Shows your members that you care about them a lot more and want them to be successful outside of your sessions.

Combine both of these elements above and you have a great formula for a bullet proof retention strategy that will keep people plugged into your business and satisfied with how much they are getting for such a great price.

The best way to separate “members only” content from “non-member” content is to use a FREE feature of Facebook called a Private Facebook Group.

How to Use Private Facebook Groups to Retain Members

In order to properly use this free tool to retain people you have to make it very special and very relevant to the members of your boot camp program.

I recommend using the private FB group to do a few things:

1. Announce Member Birthdays

2. Give Out Member Only Workouts

3. Boot Camp Announcements

4. Members Only Recipes

5. Special Promotions/Deals for Members Only

6. Private Members Only Videos

The list can go on here. The main thing is that you are giving them “paid” quality content versus the cheap free stuff you are posting on your normal fan page wall.

 Best Facebook Retention Weapon

My recommendation is to set up a posting calendar for an assistant or a client helper who is running the group <= Notice I said a helper, NOT YOU. This is something that someone else can do for you so you can save time and focus on the bigger things in your business.

Go to a word processing program on your computer and make calendar to print up for your helper that tells them what to post on each day of the week. Example:

Mondays – Inspiring Quote

Tuesdays – Members Only Workout Videos

Wednesdays – Recipes

Thursdays – Announcements

Friday – Weekend Fitness Tips

This type of calendar will keep content streaming to your members every day of the week and will keep them glued to your business even when they are not there.

Now, there is one problem to this method…

Where are they getting all of this content from?

If I personally don’t make it, how is the helper going to know what recipes to post, what workouts to make, etc?

Not to worry, I am going to give you my secret to getting all of this content.

The EXACT method I personally use with my assistant for the Private Facebook Group Content is the 52-week Facebook Blueprint System.

In this system is a completed Facebook Content Calendar PLUS ALL OF THE CONTENT NEEDED to pull this off effectively.

Fitness Games Facebook Fail 300x240 Best Facebook Retention WeaponThis system was created by my good friends Alicia and Carrie and was personally tested on their boot campers down at their six figure boot camp facilities in Florida. Not only did they test it out, I am personally using it right now with my Private Facebook Group and my members cannot stop talking about how grateful they are for the content.

I had one member who actually approached me and asked if they were suppose to have access to all of that content for free or were they supposed to be paying extra to be a part of that group!

Look, you can sit down and make up your own content calendar for free. I can tell you that is exactly what I started to do once I had the idea.

About, an hour and a half into this project I realized I was no where near getting done with a year’s worth of good content and images to post in the Facebook Group. I then broke down, swallowed my pride and check out the 52-Week Facebook System the boot camp girls made.

The time that I saved by doing this more than tripled my dollar investment. PLUS, I just handed the program to my assistant and it got done. It’s that easy.

Make sure you save yourself the time and hassle and CHECK OUT THE SYSTEM NOW.

Remember, your business success is majorly determined by how you retain the money you are making off of your members. Use this free Facebook Weapon to keep your members happy and keep them plugged into your business even when they are not physically there.

Keep Rocking It!


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