Game That Boosts Referrals INSTANTLY

Here is a great game to use for generating referrals. I recommend before playing this game that you get some free passes or gift cards made up at your local print shop. This way the clients will have referral tools in their hands to give out to their peers.

*A quick note on these passes or gift cards: don’t be afraid to spend a little bit extra on these to make them look like they hold a high amount of value. Think about how many “free week” passes you get on a daily basis from other businesses that are printed on cheap paper. If it looks cheap, you always throw it away. Spend a little extra on yours and make a unique offer that people aren’t familiar with and these will work out great for you.

Without any further waiting…HERE IS THE GAME!

Referral Card Steal

Format: Even teams of people per home bases (if you have 4 home bases and 16 people, then 4 groups of 4 people)

Supplies Needed: Referral Cards or Free Passes (at least 1-2 per person)

How to Begin: Place referral cards or passes in a pile next to each team around the floor. Make sure each team has an even amount of cards in their pile. The rest of the cards, scatter around the center of the room. Have each team start by standing behind their pile of cards/passes.

Objective: The team with the most referral cards in their pile at the end of the time period wins.

Rules: When the instructor says “go” each person will try to grab referral cards and place them into their pile.


THEY MAY NOT “BABY SIT” THEIR PILE. Everyone must keep moving at all times.

They may “steal” referral cards from other team’s piles, or grab them from the middle of the room. They simply have to keep moving referral cards/passes until the time limit is reached. We usually aim for 60 seconds.

When the time is over, everyone must drop their cards wherever they are on the floor. If they aren’t near the pile then they don’t count. Count up each team’s referral cards to crown the winner.

This is a great game to kickoff a referral contest with because at the end of it, everyone has referral cards in their hands.

If you are looking for more referral card games, check out my TT Boot Camp Games Product.

Let me know how this game works out for you! Feel free to comment or post below icon smile Game That Boosts Referrals INSTANTLY



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