How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity

What do you get when you mix Starbucks with no sleep and waaay to much exercise? The answer is the new upcoming Turbulence Training Product: Home Workout Revolution. Although the details of this release are still locked down, I can tell you a few things…

Mike (Mr. Finishers) Whitfield, Craig (TT) Ballantyne and myself set out on a 5 day film shoot that would capture over 100 follow along workouts to share with the world.

At first I was pretty stoked to film some follow along workouts. Afterall, we could be the next Tony Hortons icon wink How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity But my excitement soon came to reality when I woke up after the first day of filming and couldn’t straighten my legs. Oh, yeah… Then we had to film more workouts.

It was a funny sight watching me hobble around my gym and then see me act like nothing was wrong when the cameras were on. Between you and me, I was crying like a little girl inside when I was doing about 60% of those workouts.

Here is a Behind the Scenes look of filming these incredible and revolutionary workouts…

Why am I showing you this video and telling you about my crazy adventure into the world of follow along workouts and why couldn’t we figure our how to hang a TRX???

Well, to answer the second question: IT WAS MY FIRST TIME HANGING A TRX AND I WAS TIRED!

HAHA. Quick side note: TRX looks and sounds EXACTLY like T-Rex…just saying…

Really, I use jungle gym suspension trainers in my gym so we had no idea how to hang it until Mikey and I joined forces on youtube and figured it out.

To answer the first (important) question: I am telling you about this journey because if you aren’t currently filming follow along YouTube friendly workouts for locals to do at home, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

Local people will find these videos of you on YouTube when they are searching for local boot camps (if you do your SEO correctly). When they see your face and can witness your personality and training expertise, they are nine times out of ten more likely to come in and tryout your boot camp.

Simply based on the fact that you are on YouTube and semi-famous now icon wink How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity and the other boot camp instructors are not, you double the chance of someone finding you on the internet and showing up to YOUR boot camp.

I cannot tell you how many times local people email me and ask about my programs simply because they watched one of my youtube videos and did the workout at home. Not only did they fall in love with my boot camp exercise style, they fell in love with my personality thanks to the power of video.

Leave Brian Kalakay Alone 300x181 How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity

Leave Brian and Mike Alone! They are so sore from working out and they need some rest…LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Follow along YouTube workout videos are a great way to celebritize  yourself, but they also help you rank higher on the google search engine. All you have to do is start putting your boot camp name into the title of your videos and it will help boost your ratings up.

Example Video Title: Lapeer Boot Camp Secret Abs Workout

All you need to do is put in your local key words into the title and then in the description of the video on the first line, put a URL link to your website.

Viola! You now have a quality SEO link to your website that will not only help your google rankings, but also help you become a local workout celebrity! WIN/WIN icon smile How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity

I personally, am making it a point to film 4 videos a month for my boot camp in lapeer. I will have my manager post one of them a week.

These workouts will be no equipment workouts, that can be done in someones living room. Everyone will use different exercises and different formats.

There are two things you MUST do at the beginning and end of every video though:


  1. You must introduce yourself as either a local fat loss expert or the instructor/owner of the #1 boot camp in your city.
  2. At the end of the video (after the workout), Direct them to click on the link below the video to register for one of your trial offers.

When you do these two things it builds credibility and will boost up your number of leads.

Image1 150x150 How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity

Image11 150x150 How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity

Image4 150x150 How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity





I hope these YouTube tips help you in becoming the boot camp celebrity in your area. I know they have worked for me so I know you will rock with them icon smile How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity

Plus, if you want me to invade your home living space, keep your eyes peeled in the next upcoming week for the release of the entire Home Workout Revolution Product. This thing is crammed with follow along exercises and programs that you can use in ANY boot camp as well as at home on your own.

Stay Thirsty my Friends icon wink How to Become a Local Internet Celebrity and oh yeah…Comment and Post Below Please!



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