How to steal Clients with Boot Camp Games

What’s up, guys. Brian Kalakay. I’m the boot camp game guy coming at you with  five ways to steal clients from other boot camps and gyms.

I know the essence of it sounds bad but trust me, everything is pretty karma-friendly with maybe the exception of one thing and I’ll tell you what that is but it’s still legit. You’re not doing anything bad. You’re not like walking in to other gyms and handing out business cards although sometimes that may feel like a good idea.

The first thing you want to do and this one’s really easy – you want to train an army of salespeople that are your clients. You want your clients to be raving about your gym to everyone they know. If you deliver a great experience and have lots of fun with them, you make them feel like they’re worth a million dollars, and then go tell them to bring other friends.

They’re going to be broadcasting it to everybody not because you told them to but because they want to help your boot camp. They want to see you grow because they’re having so much fun, why wouldn’t they want more people in here having fun?

The first thing you need to do is get it in the clients’ heads in the beginning that it’s okay to tell everyone they know about this place. We love it when they do that. We’re so happy when they feel that way, they’re so awesome, give them a high-fives, pump ‘em up, they’re gonna do the selling for you.

If they believe in it and they are having the time of their lives, they are going to seriously sell anything without ever having to “sell it”. They’re just going to be so passionate about it that people are going to want to come in and try it. So the first thing is to train up your clients a.k.a. your sales force. It’s the best sales force ever because they’re not selling anything. They’re just passionate about it.

The second thing you want to do is start a referral contest. Hand them out referral cards. You have this tribe of salespeople, give them the tools, give them the free passes, the referral cards, whatever they need, and then start a contest to bring them in because what’s gonna happen is they all have friends who work out at other gyms and other places, and they’re gonna say “hey man, this pass gets you a free two weeks to come and try out our boot camp, you don’t have to stay or anything if you don’t like it but I think it’d be cool if you could come work out with me and try it at least.”

Promise them that their friends from other zumba classes, kickboxing classes, and all these things are gonna come in and try your boot camp, and if you do your job the way I know you’re gonna do, they’re not gonna want to go back, they’re gonna want to stay with you. Referral contests, referral cards are awesome.

The third thing is pimp the hell out of YouTube with your boot camp. Really do it well. Hire a local high school kid or college kid to come in and film a boot camp work out, special occasion – we did a ladies’ night workout for women’s national fitness day back in September. I had them film a video. You pay them a couple hundred bucks, you have them make this awesome professional quality video and then you post up to your YouTube channel and you pimp it out. Put it on your web site, your Facebook, e-mail it out to everyone on your list, tell their friends to like, comment, and share the video.

Main thing is you want to capture the positive energy and all the things that make your boot camp so different from everyone else. We had a dance party at the end of our boot camp session for women’s day. You don’t do that at the end of a workout. It makes us look so different, so much more fun than all the other boot camps out there. Use YouTube. Target people at other gyms. Post it on Facebook and tag their names in it. If they have friends at other gyms, tell them to tag their friends in it so that they can see how much fun they had at boot camp.

Word’s gonna get out about how much fun and how entertaining it is in your boot camp and people are gonna start leaving these places to come and see what the buzz is about. Even if it’s just for a week trial or whatever, they are going to get in here. You and I know that those week trials will convert to a better long-term client if you do your job right and you have your systems right.

The fourth thing – Facebook pimpage. You got the YouTube pimpage, now you go into the Facebook pimpage. You want to take pictures of people doing things that sure could be workouts but they’re smiling, they’re having fun. Again, pay a kid fifty bucks, an aspiring photographer to come and take pictures of people working out in your boot camp – real creative shots.

Post them on Facebook, tag their friends in it, they’re friends are going to see it, their friends are going to go “oh my gosh, Susan, you look like you’re having so much fun there. What were you guys doing ?” and it’s going to be this huge story and before you know it, she’s got half of her posse walking in to boot camp with you the next day because your boot camp doesn’t look like just another workout, it looks like a community, it looks like a family, it looks like something someone would want to belong to.

Also with Facebook, here’s a little ninja tactic, you didn’t get this from me but you can actually do this. I’m debating on trying it or not, it’s not illegal or anything but I’m kind of on the edge about it. When you set up your Facebook ads, you can actually target people who like your competitor’s Facebook ads so only they see the ads.

If you have a certain ad that let’s say “X-Y-Z fitness” is down the road, well, you can make an ad that says “tired of X-Y-Z fitness not caring about your results, click here” and then they’re like “hey, I go there. I wonder what this is.” Seriously man, it’s bad but I heard people doing some really cool things off of it so when you set up your Facebook ads, and your targeting the ads, target the people who like your competitor’s Facebook pages. I’ve yet to do it but I’m getting close to it and so I’ll let you know when I do it how the results I get from it are.

The fifth and final thing is real simple. Do things that the local other people aren’t doing. Just do it. If the local people are running spin classes, then why the hell are you running spin classes? Don’t try to compare yourself to them. Set yourself apart from them. If there are other local boot camps, find the format they do and don’t do anything close to it. If they’re doing burpies every day, don’t do burpies every day. If they don’t use TRX, use TRX. If they don’t use dumbbells, get dumbbells.

Do something that they’re not doing to set yourself apart because then people are going to talk. We, personally, we use our games, our fitness games, our boot camp games. We end every boot camp with a game that gets people running around, feeling like little kids on our floors, and what do you think happens? They end the session on a high note, run home, and post to Facebook how much fun they had, they tag our gym in it and all their friends are like “looks like you had a lot of fun there, what are the directions to this place?” – it’s like contagious. Whatever you decide to do, we use games.

You can go to – you can opt in to get my free fitness games report. It’s got 5 games that are plug-in-play right now. You can use right now in your boot camp. OR you can go to and that will be something you can use no matter the size of your boot camp. The games are 5 minutes or less, a lot of them are 2-3 minutes or less so it’s not like it takes up a lot of time.

You don’t have to work about thinking what to do at the end of the session. It’s all done for you. Videos, pictures, written descriptions – I want you to check it out. Check out my video below. Comment, like, and share this video with your friends. Only if they’re fitness friends who aren’t local because you don’t want them stealing your fitness secrets – so have fun stealing other peoples’ members. It’s all good. We didn’t do anything illegal.

To summarize it, you’re doing everything they’re not to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to get people in to stay, pay, and refer.


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  1. Michael
    5 years ago

    Awesome stuff here. I am intrigued by the Facebook ad concept targeting the competition. I think it is karma friendly, though. Especially if it is used against a huge big box gym where they actually don’t care for their members, just how many they can cram in the doors. Thanks for selflessly sharing these gems with us.

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