Leg “Punishing” Boot Camp Game

Finally, after a long weekend of filming TT Workouts with Craig Ballantyne and Mike (Mr. Finisher) Whitfield, my legs are almost back to normal. I am pretty sure we broke world records for how many lunges, squats and pushups you can do in three days.

In fact, Craig actually made this newer training method for legs that will guarantee an amazing leg workout even if you don’t have any equipment handy. It is called the “punisher method” and let me tell you, that is EXACTLY what it does to your legs.

Basically at the end of the squat interval, you end up holding in the down position of the squat for about ten seconds and then repeating the process.

The hold is what destroyed all of us!

This “punisher” format inspired me to incorporate this iso-hold type of squat into a game that would capture the effects of this TT workout but put a “fun” twist on it.

Here is the game I designed for you that does just that:

Human Bowling

Format: Groups of seven people

Supplies Needed: One tennis ball per group of seven.

How to Begin: Have six of the group members go down to the opposite side of the floor and stand in a low squat position (punisher position). Position everyone like bowling pins at the end of an alley like so:


X  X

X  X  X


Objective: The team to get the most rotations in the specified time length wins.

Boot Camp Games Punisher 150x150 Leg Punishing Boot Camp GameHow to Play: Once the six people are in position and the seventh person is standing on the opposite side of the floor from their team, give the seventh person a tennis ball.

When the instructor says “go”, time will start. I recommend running this game for about one to two minutes.

When time starts, the person holding the tennis ball will roll the ball down the floor and try to hit a teammate’s foot.

When they hit the teammate’s foot, that teammate will switch places with the ball roller. When this happens, it counts as one rotation.

The team with the most rotations at the end of the time period will win.

If they miss the feet of their teammates, one of the teammates will have to roll the ball back and get back into place.

*To make this game more challenging, make the rule that each teammate can only be hit once with the ball. This way everyone will get a chance to roll the ball.

*Also feel free to modify the format based on the size of your session. Just keep the “bowling pin” people in a triangle shape like bowling pins would be.

There you have it, the “Punisher” themed game of human bowling. Feel free to incorporate this game at the end of your boot camp sessions. Not only will this game give your clients legs a little more punishment, but it will help end the session on a high note that will make your boot camp the buzz around town.

Let me know how this game works out for you by commenting or posting below icon smile Leg Punishing Boot Camp Game



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  1. stephanie dignan
    6 years ago

    This is a great idea and different which I think will make it fun.

    I did the duck duck goose this weekend and they loved it.

    • Brian
      6 years ago

      Thats so awesome Stephanie!! Ive always had good luck with that game and Im glad to hear you did too! Keep Rocking it girl :)

  2. Toodles
    6 years ago

    Sounds like great fun! Question: You say to line up 5 people like in the diagram, but there are 6 X’s in the diagram. Am I missing something?

    • Brian
      6 years ago

      Nope. Typo! LOL. I am fixing it now. Great catch! Follow the diagram. Also, feel free to modify the number of people based on the size of the session. Just keep everyone in a triangle shape like bowling pins would be :)

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