Mini Circle Chase Game

Hey! I have been working on a new line up of games for you and I
figured I would share one of them icon smile Mini Circle Chase Game

This one is called Mini Circle Chase. Here is the info:

Format: Teams of three people

Equipment Needed: None

Setup: Have two teammates grab hands standing across from each other.
The third person will be the chaser.

Objective: If the chaser tags the runner, the chaser wins.

How to Play: Put 60 seconds on the clock for this game.

Designate one of the two people holding hands to be the runner.

The chaser is going to try and tag the runner. The runner will use the other person they are holding hands as a
barrier to keep the chaser away.

The two people holding hands have to stay in the
same area and can only move in circles.

If the chaser tags the runner then the chaser wins.

If the chaser cannot tag the runner in 60 seconds then the runner wins.

I’m interested to know what you think! Make sure to comment or post below icon smile Mini Circle Chase Game


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