Snowball Fight!!!

Well it’s officially winter time here in Michigan. I woke up the other day to a rude wake up call…

There was 2 inches of snow on the ground!

Funny, how I don’t remember the weather man telling me about that.

Despite the burden of cold weather and snow we have been having lately, it kind of takes me back to when I was a kid. I know I what you are thinking, “Brian, you still look like a kid”.

Ha ha funny icon razz Snowball Fight!!!

But really, when I was a kid we looked forward to getting snow in the hopes of getting that largely anticipated snow day. A day where we could go outside and build snow forts, drink hot chocolate and play king of the mountain on snow banks.

Wintertime in Michigan is pretty cool when you are a kid. Then you get a little older and realize when it snows all of the crazy drivers appear and now you have to leave 20 minutes earlier in the morning to make it to work on time.

It’s amazing how we go from enjoying the winter as kids to absolutely despising it as adults.

That got me to thinking…

What if I could make a game for your boot camp sessions that could help bring back the good of winter and help everyone feel like a kid again?

You know that is one of the things I truly enjoy anyway, so I figured why not.

If there are two things I absolutely loved as a kid they were snowball fights in the winter and dodge ball in gym class. Why not make a game that combines both in a safe manner and that inspires an entertaining training atmosphere at the end of a session.

Well here you have it:

Boot Camp Games Snowball fight 300x199 Snowball Fight!!!Snowball Fight!

Format: Two even teams of people

Supplies Needed: Sheets of newspaper crumpled into little balls with a little masking tape around them to keep them from falling apart. Make about 30-40 of them and store them in a plastic bag. Bring them out whenever you play this game.


Call the little paper balls “snowballs” for the use of this game.

How to Begin: Each team will stand facing each other lined up on opposite sides of the floor. Designate a line in the middle of the room or use towels to mark it off. Line the paper dodge balls up in the center of the room on the line.

Objective: The team with the last person standing wins.

How to Play: When you say “go”, everyone will run to the middle of the room and try to grab as many paper balls as they can.

Then, they start throwing the balls at the other team trying to hit them.

If they are hit, they have to sit out in a half squat position and cheer their team on.

If they catch a paper ball that was thrown at them, the person who threw it is out and they can pick a teammate to get back in the game.

Do not cross the center line or else you are out.

The ultimate goal is to hit the opposite team with the balls or catch the balls thrown while trying not to get hit.

This game is exactly like dodge ball but a little friendlier because of the use of paper balls instead of hard rubber balls.

Well, I hope you can use this game to put everyone in a happy winter mood and help create an experience that people can’t find anywhere else except for your boot camp.

I would love to know how it goes!

Feel free to comment and post below with your success story J



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