Top 5 Reasons Why Boot Camp Clients Leave

You ever wonder what is going on in your clients heads as they choose to leave your boot camp and go try out another local fitness program?

Wonder no more! I have the top 5 reasons why people are leaving your boot camp and going to your competition.

#1 Reason…You aren’t using my boot camp games…Ha!

JUST KIDDING…but seriously icon wink Top 5 Reasons Why Boot Camp Clients Leave

I discovered these reasons by surveying my current clients to see why they left other local workout programs or stopped doing their workout regimens. This information I am about to give you was collected about 6 months ago. It may be a little different in your situations, but overall you should still be able to apply it to your business to help retention rates.

Keep in mind it is 7-times more expensive to get new clients, then it is to retain the ones you have currently. That means this info is EXTREMELY relevant to you if you want to make more money and spend less in your boot camp.

Watch the video and enjoy:

The Top 5 Reasons Are:

5. Boredom
4. Don’t Care Enough
3. No Attention to Details
2. Lack of Fun
1. No Accountability Support

Make sure you watch the video and listen to all of the details so that you can completely understand how to avoid ALL of these 5 things from happening to you in your boot camp.

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Honestly, I would never recommend something to you I don’t believe in or don’t personally use. This is that one thing that I believe EVERY successful boot camp needs to keep their clients held accountable.

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Well, I hope the top 5 reasons help you understand how to keep your clients enrolled and engaged in your training program.

Let me know if you have a reason that I didn’t mention on the video, by commenting in the comment section below.

Keep Rocking It


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