Train Boot Camps Using LEGOs?

Do you remember LEGOs as a kid? I know I do! These were absolutely my most favorite things in the whole world to play with when I was growing up.

I remember, on Easter morning the “Easter Bunny” left me a pack of LEGOs from the “Time Cruisers” series. It was a car that had a ton of crazy gadgets on it to help it travel back into time.

I remember I was so excited to put this thing together and play with it!

Once you put it together, you can only play with it for so long until you get bored and want to build it into something else. Luckily, LEGO knows this and they show you other things you can construct with those same pieces. This way you can get 2-3 new designs to play with instead of just one.

Why am I telling you about my dorky childhood of playing with LEGOs?

Because this is exactly how you should be formatting your boot camp sessions.

You need to have that main attraction that people first see and makes them excited. Just like the main offer on the LEGO set, in my case the LEGO car.

Then, after they have played with the “car” or that particular boot camp format for a little bit you need to be able to use the same parts to construct a different looking boot camp session. This way the campers don’t get bored.

You see boot camp members are just kids that grew up. They still get bored playing with the same exercise format. You need to change it up periodically to keep them engaged so they don’t move onto the next best thing, AKA another workout program down the street.

In order to do this effectively, you need to switch it up, but you should not break a budget trying to get new equipment or other training accessories to increase variety. That would be like buying a whole new LEGO set to build onto the one you currently have. When I was a kid this was not an option because my family was broke. This should be how you treat this situation as well.

Do not go out and keep buying new pieces of equipment to train your members with because your expense will just keep chasing your profit and you will not make any money.

LEGO Flat Piece Train Boot Camps Using LEGOs?Instead, make up a format that you can interchange over time on a constant basis. It’s kind of like that flat piece of LEGO that all of your buildings start on. You have to have this piece first and then you can build anything you want on top of it.

So watch this video and I will explain how to create this “flat LEGO piece” to build on and how to interchange your session format so that your clients will never get bored again.


For help filling in the Fat Loss Accelerator Section of the LEGO format, make sure to grab a copy of Kate’s Fat Loss Accelerator Program TODAY while it is on sale.

fat loss accelerators package 1024x570 Train Boot Camps Using LEGOs?

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I grabbed a copy of this and it saved me a TON of time constructing my workouts. More importantly, I can give it to my trainers and tell them to pick one of the Fat Loss Accelerators from this program and plug it into that part of the LEGO boot camp format.

No more guess work and no more of you explaining how to do this part of your boot camp format ever again. You just send them to this program you have on your computer and they can figure out the rest.

This totally helps automate trainer training and adds a good variety into your boot camp sessions.

Use this LEGO format and see how cool and versatile it makes your boot camp look to your members. I guarantee they will have fun with this one, because who doesn’t like playing with LEGOs? icon wink Train Boot Camps Using LEGOs?

Keep Rocking It!


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  1. Carmen James
    5 years ago

    Brian, you rock! I love your stuff! I use a lot of your games and my boot camp clients love them! I really appreciate your willingness to share your ideas!

    Can you provide a sample workout that shows the LEGO format? i.e. with all the exercises and a game?????

    I am currently certified as a Tabata Boot Camp Instructor through Mindy Mylrea. I use her format of HITT – so adding the games at the end has been a welcome addition. I have never thought to break things up into the different pieces that you outlined in your video today.


    • Brian
      5 years ago

      Carmen! Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it. I will make a video next week and post it up to give you a sample workout using this format. Thanks for the suggestion rock star! :)

    • Brian
      5 years ago

      Here is the video I made for you incase you didn’t see it last week when I emailed it:

      Enjoy and let me know if you have questions :)


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