Warm Up Game That Spices Up The Beginning Of Boot Camp

We have just finished up our October Referral Contest stuff at my facility and now we are moving into the retention portion of our plan. The last thing we want to happen is to have all of these new people coming in, get bored and want to leave. By the way we added another 26 new members to our facility by the end of the month…more on the referral card games we used to accomplish this next week icon smile Warm Up Game That Spices Up The Beginning Of Boot Camp

To mix things up a bit for existing members and new members, my one instructor Jason decided to bust out some warm up games the other day. In case you have forgotten about these games, here is a quick recap.

Warm up games can be used in the beginning of a boot camp session to raise the fun levels and also warm up your group at the same time. These games aren’t as intense as some of the other games we use at the end of the session, but they do a great job of getting everyone moving and laughing at the beginning of the session.

The game he chose to use was what we called “Duck, Duck, GOOSE”. It’s exactly like the original version of this game, however, we of course put a fitness spin on it.

Here’s how it works:

Duck, Duck, GOOSE

Boot Camp Games Warm Up 300x225 Warm Up Game That Spices Up The Beginning Of Boot CampFormat: One team of people and one “ducker”.

Supplies Needed: None

How to begin: Have everyone hold in a squat position and form a big circle. Choose one person to stand up out of the circle. This person is the “ducker”.

Rules: The “ducker” will walk around the circle touching the tops of everyone’s head one at a time while saying “duck” every time they touch a head.

If they choose to say “goose” when they touch a head, that person has to stand up and try to tag the “ducker” before the “ducker” gets back to the spot where they were squatting.

Before the ducker can take their spot they have to run completely around the circle of people without getting tagged by the “goose”.

If they get tagged then they have to be the “ducker” again.

If the “goose” cannot tag the “ducker” then they become the new “ducker”.

This is a classic game, but adults seem to still love it J

To mix it up even more, use different exercises for the people waiting in the circle for every new “ducker”.

This is a great game to warm up their bodies and explode the energy level at the beginning of the session. For a proper warm up, make sure to alternate between exercises every time there is a new “ducker”.

As you know warm ups are extremely important for any successful boot camp or training session. Since your reading, this I know you are into helping people to get fit and have fun while doing it.

You may agree, but the warm up is usually the most dull portion of the day right? That is why implementing a game in the beginning of the workout may help bring the energy levels back up during this part of the session.

Games are a good way to break the warm up boredom, but my good friend and partner in crime Tyler has another way to spice it up by using The Movement Progression Method. Here’s a guest video from Tyler (the creator of The Warrior Warm Up) that has an awesomely simple warm up you can use during your boot camp programs to insert a little fun and challenge!

If you want to check out more of Tyler’s Awesome Warm Up Methods, for the next 60 hours you can get The Warrior Warm Up for only $7 => CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Well, I hope you have a couple of new ideas to help spice up the beginning of your boot camp sessions. Remember, the warm up is one of the most important parts of the session, but many people get bored with it.

When people get bored, they stop coming in to boot camp. When, this happens they usually end up cancelling their membership.


Use both of these methods to help spice up your routine so that way your retention levels don’t drop.

Keep thinking outside of the box and keep playing games icon smile Warm Up Game That Spices Up The Beginning Of Boot Camp

Talk soon,


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  1. Stephanie
    6 years ago

    Great idea. I had never considered doing a game as a warm-up but getting things started in a fun way makes sense.

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