What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There…

As I opened my eyes Thursday morning, the dimly lit hotel room looked like a laundry monster threw up everywhere and the slight aroma of Jack Daniels lingered in the room. My travel partner was passed the hell out on the other bed across from me. Luckily for her I didn’t take that $100 bet from her friend to leave her on the roof the night before (The Hangover reference).

I rolled out of the bed and felt the headache kick in from the night before. “It’s going to be a great day”, I whispered to myself. As I took my first few steps of the day, my stomach decided to have a rather loud conversation with me. Needless to say, it was time for breakfast.

I got ready in a not so fast fashion and made my way down to the lobby of the Luxor to find something to eat. Like my mentors, I too have a Starbucks problem. It only makes sense that I happen choose a hotel with 4 Starbucks in it to stay in.

The Eyes of a Starbucks Stalker

As I sat at one of the Starbucks, I began to do one of my favorite hobbies…PEOPLE WATCH icon smile What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There… I started this activity with the hopes of seeing a few “Las Vegas Gems” walk by. You know, people who look like they have an epic back story. Instead, my entertaining efforts turned toward the resort staff.

I saw a young couple walk into the hotel carrying a few pieces of luggage. The first staff member greeted them and thanked them for coming into the hotel. They thanked the staff member and took a few more steps.

Untitled 1 150x150 What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There…

Example of a “Las Vegas Gem”

A second staff member introduced herself and asked where they were from and if they needed help finding anything. The young couple conversed and then started walking to their destination again.

Once they reached the elevator, a house keeping person asked which floor they needed and punched in the correct floor for them. This worked out great considering the luggage they were carrying. Then, I lost sight of them.



However, I can tell you from my personal “check-in” experience, they walked into their hotel room and had a giant book of coupons and brochures sitting on a table in their room similar to a “welcome basket”.

Their room was spotless and the floors were polished to a mirror like finish. Turn on the TV and there is an information channel on with suggestions of what to do that night for entertainment.

If they were to walk through the hotel lobby, they will see a plethora of posters and handouts with suggestions of hotel services that can help create that one-of-a-kind “Vegas” experience.

There is literally so much going on, you almost lose track of the real world. The line between fantasy and reality starts to blur. They are now part of the Luxor’s Vegas Experience. Something the hotel creates to make them forget about how much they hate their jobs, how broke they are, how unappreciated they are. Instead they feel like they are rock stars and everyone will do anything to make them happy.

Why am I telling you this story?

Is it to prove that I love to stalk people and the Luxor should comp me a free room for this article?

Possibly icon wink What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There…

The real reason I took the time to tell you this story is to compare the Luxor’s stellar customer service to your facility’s customer service.

Customer service is the back bone of ANY successful business.

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7 Steps to Creating a “Vegas Experience” in Your Facility

Whether you are the only person running the show or you have a handful of staff members running it, follow these steps to increase the level of customer service in your business that will keep clients coming back for more.

1.      “Touch” the clients and new prospects at least three times when they walk in.

Take your mind out of the gutter for a second on this one. I’m not talking about physically touching them! By “touching” I am referring to making a verbal acknowledgement that you are glad they are in your facility today.

Use their names. They should be greeted in the first five seconds of entering your facility. Why do you think big box stores employ greeters to stand at the front doors? It makes people feel important.

Every staff member should greet EVERYONE and have a brief conversation with them when they walk in. It makes people feel like they belong at your facility. This is a simple tactic that is GREATLY overlooked in a training atmosphere.

2.      Have your facility cleaned on a DAILY basis

This sounds like a “duh” type of tactic, but think about how many facilities you have walked into and saw spider webs in corners, dust on equipment and the occasional dust bunnies floating around the floor. Make sure your facility doesn’t fall into this category ever!

Remember, people pay more to train in a squeaky clean facility that smells fresh 24/7.

3.      Offer a “Welcome Basket” to new clients

This is a tactic we are now doing in my facility. Every time a new member signs up into one of our programs, we give them a welcome basket. In it is a free t-shirt, wrist band, meal logging journal with our logo on it, information about all of our services and online benefits, and some coupons to get discounts on spa related services from local businesses. It’s a nice little pat on the back for joining our facility and EVERYONE loves it.

4.      Put up posters and flyers of other related products and services that your facility offers that will give them a better experience.

We are currently tweaking designs for posters as we speak. We have posters that will be going up that showcase our boot camp program, personal training programs, FitRanX program and one for miscellaneous services such as $17 offers, messages, etc.

I will keep you posted on our results with these as we get them, but it should be promising icon smile What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There…

5.      Have a video demo of your facility looping in a waiting area where people sit.

How I chose to do this was go to a local college that has some type of video or film program. Ask for one of their top or creative students. Give them $200 to film, edit and finalize a DVD or Bluray disc of the services your facility offers and testimonials from the customers. Make sure they make a “looping” DVD or Bluray that way it plays all the time right from the beginning when the disc ends.

Play this video on a TV in your waiting area or hangout spot that people flock around. This makes your facility look professional and for new people coming in, they get to see testimonials from other “real” people. This is an EXTREMELY powerful tool!

6.      Always ask if there is anything you or your staff can do to make their experience with your facility better.

A good piece of advice for anyone who either runs a program or an actual facility is give out “anonymous” surveys at the end of every month to see how you are doing in terms of exceeding expectations.

These will help the quality of your facility or program stay high and you will also get a few really good ideas from asking clients what they want to see more of.

7.      Don’t be a “me too” facility

This is one that a lot of people screw up on. If the person down the street does something cool, then they try to do the same thing. I can tell you right now, nine times out of ten this will not work. Not only will it fail, but you will be compared to the person down the street who did it first.

Be original. You should be the one people are copying. Think outside of the box and write down five things that your competitors do not offer at all or things that they aren’t doing. Then start doing them if it makes sense for your business.

When you start doing things that no one else has thought of, people in the area will have no choice but to come check out your facility and what programs you have to offer. Why? Because you are the only business that offers it!!!

If you are wondering what you can specifically do to set yourself apart from the facility down the street, I want you to click on the graphic below to start kicking your competitors away.

BK TTBCG Group 4 What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There…

Click the image above for more info.


Now, go out there and start making “Vegas Experiences” for your clients and prospects icon smile What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There…




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  1. Trish
    6 years ago

    Quick question….

    You have a lot of ‘giveaways’ and events, items and etc. that require a lot of upfront cash.

    How do you go about pulling these things together on a tight budget? I.e., the welcome basket? I would love to give away a tshirt but, cannot seem to get them made for a low enough cost to give them away.

    • Brian
      6 years ago

      Trish that is an awesome Question! I use giveaways because I get pretty good deals on promo items to give out. However, before I could afford to do that I had to find other means of “buttering up” my clients and new members.

      There are a couple of ways I did this before I had my facility booming:
      1. I bartered. I met a T-shirt guy and offered to give him free boot camp sessions in return for some “cheap” T-shirts. You could also barter for his set up costs and screen fees and just buy the shirts (this may be a more realistic approach).
      2. Find things of value that are of no cost to you, like coupons and other promo items from other related local businesses. If you ask for a coupon from a local business that will help drive them new customers, they will 9/10 times agree to give you something.
      3. You can also add things of value that cost only a little of your time. Example, nutrition consults, private group ab classes, grocery store tours, etc. They are valuable but don’t technically “cost” you anything.

      The other side of this spectrum is to run a short 14 day fat burner program and charge a low amount like $47 per person and then use the money you make from that event and put it toward your “swag”.

      This is how I did it: I knew I needed $500 to get everything I needed for my shirts, wristbands, Etc. So I reverse engineered it…

      $500 / $47 per person = 11 people in my 14 day fat burner program (which is 3 session a week in a small group plus nutrition plans).

      Then, I researched for probably about a week to find the best deals on promotional materials. Ask locally first though! A lot of times local businesses don’t mind cutting you a deal.

      Once you have the money and a game plan for how you are going to make the money needed, TAKE ACTION.

      I use 24hourwristband.com for wristbands and I use a local printer for my shirts and promo materials. I also give them free boot camp so I get sweet deals on my stuff when I need it.

      I hope this helps you out or at least inspires you on how to make something happen. Let me know if you need anything else. Glad to help :)

  2. Brandon
    6 years ago

    Love this one brother.

    Great Advice. Especially the video one. I plan on doing another event in 3 months. A Health Expo/Seminar Type of Event. And I definitely will have a top college student film and edit everything. Brilliant.

    Brandon Long
    Belong 2 Fitness

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