Workout Finishers SUCK

Read this quick list before you think about implementing workout finishers into your boot camp…
These short lists may shock you…

I personally see bad and good with the workout finishers program we use at the end of all of our boot camp sessions. So I made a list of why workout finishers “suck” and why I recommend them.

Check it out:

Why Workout Finishers Are GREAT:

1. They take up less than 5 minutes at the end of a boot camp session.
2. Workout Finishers literally plug and play into your training sessions without having to modify your current training format.
3. They accelerate your clients results by 47%
4. Finishers crush, kill & destroy workout boredom.
5. The creator of the Workout Finishers programs happens to be one of my best friends and I trust anything this man puts out. It is well researched and tested to prove that clients are addicted to them.

Why Workout Finishers SUCK:

1. Your clients give you dirty looks while they are doing them.
2. You get called bad names as they are doing finishers.
3. The next day, your boot camp’s Facebook page may fill up with people complaining about soar muscles.
4. They are too easy to implement and it feels like you should be doing more to give this type of intense workout to your clients.
5. Sometimes people think because Mikey can eat pancakes and do finishers to burn them off, they can too…it goes against healthy nutritional beliefs.

So other than those last 5 reasons, I think if you are a boot camp owner/trainer trying to separate yourself from the mob of other fitness businesses out there, the finishers program is HANDS DOWN one of the best pieces you could add to your training program.

I am not just telling you this to make an affiliate sale. I am telling you this because, I 100% believe in Mikey’s new Ab Finishers 2.0 Program and believe it can help give your boot camp business a lead against your competitors.

It has totally done it at my boot camp. I have clients who get mad when we don’t use a finisher at the end of the workout.

So here is a link to click on if you want to give his Ab Finishers 2.0 program a shot:

Yes, that is my affiliate link and if you use that link to buy his program I earn a commission.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to realize that I am supporting my friend and the launch of his new program. Two reasons:

1. That is what real friends, who eat red velvet french toast together, do when one friend has a “game changing” program.
2. I want you to realize that I do not recommend anything to you that I do not stand 100% behind or use currently in my own business.

I know you trust me and my opinions that is why you read this email, so I have nothing to hide from you. I stand behind this program 100% and KNOW that it will make your sessions easier and more effective which will make your business more money in the end.

Screen Shot 2013 10 30 at 11.50.59 AM Workout Finishers SUCK

Make sure you click on that link and start using Ab finishers in your boot camp right now, before the price increases at midnight tonight.

Keep Rocking It!!!! icon smile Workout Finishers SUCK


P.S. There are also some “done-for-you” meal plans you could give your clients in this program

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